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Moreton Island Wedding Beach Permit: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a wedding on Moreton Island and need a beach permit?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about obtaining a beach permit for your wedding. We'll also provide some tips to help make the process as easy as possible. So, whether you're just starting to plan your wedding or are in the final stages, read on for all the information you need!

The Moreton Island Recreation Area is managed by the Department of Environment and Science (DES), Queensland Parks and Wildlife (QPWS).

1. What is a beach permit and do I need one for my wedding on Moreton Island?

A beach permit is required for any wedding or event that will be held on a public beach in Queensland or in a National Park. This includes Moreton Island, which is a popular spot for destination weddings. The permit ensures that your wedding does not conflict with other events that may be taking place on the same day and that you have the necessary insurance in place.

Depending on the size of your wedding group, you will receive either a Wedding Ceremony Information Notice or an Organised Event Permit.

On Mulgumpin (Moreton Island), you need an organised event permit when:

  • your group (including a wedding group) has more than 40 people and activities are to be conducted in day use areas or established walking tracks

  • your group has more than 15 people and activities are to be conducted in remote off-track areas

  • your activity may impact on the enjoyment of the place by the general public

  • there may be safety issues for other park visitors

  • the activity is a non-commercial competitive event

  • the activity may impact on the cultural heritage or natural values of the area.

2. How can I apply for a beach permit and what is the process involved?

You need to complete an online form to notify Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) who will advise you by email whether a permit is required for your wedding or not.

The form can be completed online here.

If a permit is required, an application form will be emailed to you.

If a permit is not required, a Wedding Ceremony Information Notice will be emailed to you outlining the legislative obligations and general conditions of use.

3. What are the conditions of using a beach permit for my wedding on Moreton Island?

General conditions applicable to all wedding sites are:

  • Scenic sites may be used by the immediate wedding party (maximum 15 persons) for photographs only.

  • Moreton Island includes remote areas with limited access, facilities and mobile phone coverage, with some areas requiring total self-reliance, including the appropriate management of human waste and rubbish.

  • Ensure that relevant accident and emergency plans and procedures are in place to suit your chosen area and the activities being undertaken.

  • A total maximum time limit of 2 hours 30 minutes applies to each booking, which includes set-up, ceremony and clean-up. As a courtesy to others, please keep to your confirmed booking time as other ceremonies/events may be taking place prior to and/or after your own ceremony.

  • Approval of your booking notification does not guarantee exclusive use of the area and its facilities. Note that there are likely to be other visitors in the area, especially at iconic or popular locations and at peak times. Please ensure that your ceremony does not interfere with use of the protected area by these visitors. Reserving or cordoning off any area for exclusive use is prohibited.

  • All activities must be confined to existing visitor use areas (i.e. picnic areas, carparks, walking tracks, boardwalks, etc.) unless otherwise permitted by QPWS.

  • It is not permitted to attach wedding decorations, materials or signs etc. to any park facility, official signage or vegetation.

  • Flowers, plants and/or plant parts are NOT permitted within the national park.

  • Use of confetti or other materials in lieu of confetti, e.g. rice, glitter, balloons, party poppers, streamers or similar, is prohibited.

  • The use of sound amplifying equipment is not permitted on the protected area with the exception of a portable media/music player powered by batteries. The volume of the portable player must not be unreasonable or cause a nuisance to other park users.

  • At the completion of the ceremony, please ensure all litter from you activity is removed from the QPWS managed area.

  • Permitted equipment: A small table (card table size), maximum of 20 chairs, one 3m x 3m shade structure (weighted with sand bags), aisle stands e.g. flags. No other materials or structures are authorised for use.

  • Vehicle parking: Wedding guests must not monopolise the carpark in such a way that interferes with other park users. Carpooling should be encouraged. Parking will not be reserved or guaranteed to be available for the activity.

4. What happens if I don't have a beach permit for my wedding on Moreton Island?

You may be asked to move on from your chosen ceremony spot by the rangers.

5. Are there any other restrictions that come with using a beach permit for my wedding on Moreton Island?

There are a number of Site Specific Conditions:

Big Sand Hills

• Vehicle access is not permitted on the sand hill.

Little Sand Hills

• Vehicle access is not permitted on the sand hill.

• Access is not permitted to the Restricted Access Area.

If you are bringing your car, a driver of a vehicle on the Moreton Island Recreation Area is required to have a valid vehicle access permit. You can purchase online here.

  • Up to one month ($55.90 per vehicle)

  • More than one month (up to 1 year) ($281.40 per vehicle)

6. How much does a beach permit cost for a wedding on Moreton Island?

There is no cost for a Wedding Ceremony Information Notice.

The cost for an Organised Event Permit is dependent on your guest numbers and requirements and varies depending on your situation. You will be notified of this cost if you are required to apply for a permit by email.

7. How long does a permit take to get for a wedding on Moreton Island?

Please allow one month, but our suggestion is to apply as soon as you know the date and location of your ceremony spot.


Pricing is current at the time of publishing this blog, if you find that the pricing has increased, please let us know in the comments below and we'll update as soon as possible :)


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the team and we can assist you with the process.


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